Why Choose Our Practice

Why Choose Morristown Dental for your Dental Needs?

  • Each appointment is designed for one-on-one Doctor/Patient time with individual, personalized focus
  • Impeccably clean office with extensive sterilization practices and disposable items
  • Modern Medical facility with ample parking, elevator access and conveniently located off Route 287
  • Only brand name, top-rated dental materials and American Dental laboratories are utilized
  • Doctors practice as a two-man partnership and patients are seen and dismissed on time

There are numerous dental offices that you can choose for your dental needs. We believe that one word separates us from other offices. That word is caring. Every aspect of our dental services is designed around caring and doing so in an exemplary way.

Our Facility

Our office is located in a multi-floor medical facility conveniently located just off Rt. 287 in Morristown, New Jersey. The building provides ample parking and the convenience of two elevators. The one thing most new patients will notice immediately is that our office is impeccably clean. Our procedures are delivered to the patient using autoclave-sterilized instruments and sterile water that runs through the water delivery lines. Our office uses an extensive array of disposable items to keep you healthy and safe from cross contamination. Disposable cups, suction straws, spray nozzle, barrier wraps just to name a few and the extensive use of antiseptic/anti-germ sprays are part of this level of caring.

Commitment to Continuing Education

The doctors also take this level of caring to the highest professional level. Dr. Carrara and Dr. Corsello have mastered well over a thousand hours of continuing education in all of the vast sub-specialties of dentistry. There are several areas of dentistry that are in constant flux and to be involved at the forefront of change is of utmost importance. The doctors are committed to a new Continuing Education Course practically every month. New technology is incorporated into the practice when it has been proven to be a benefit to patient care. We care enough for our patients to make sure that new and novel is equal or better than tried and true. So rest assured, if new technology exists here at Morristown Dental Associates, it will, without a doubt, be in used in your best interest and help us to provide superior dental care.

Individual Patient Care

Another item that sets our office apart from the other dental facilities is our individual patient approach to dental care. Each patient is scheduled for their own personal dental appointment. This insures that you will receive the individual attention that you and your teeth may require. When was the last time that you could actually talk to your doctor and get all the information you needed and not feel rushed? You will never see the dentist hopping from room to room attempting to properly treat several patients at the same time. We pride ourselves in keeping on time — both in getting patients into the treatment rooms and equally important, getting you out of the office on time.

As a partnership, there are always two doctors available for dental care. There are no new associates floating around that you will be surprised with in treating you the day of your appointment. One of the doctors will always be on call, after office hours, to answer any questions or handle any emergency that may arise. A major philosophy of our dental care is to treat each patient as if they were part of the family. What this means simply is that if we wouldn’t recommend the dentistry for our wives, daughters or sons we will never recommend it to you. So rest assured. When we suggest a crown for your tooth, it is absolutely the proper and best way to care for that tooth.

Our Staff

Now I just mentioned our staff and they are a critical piece of our style and level of caring. Each member has been hand-selected based upon their level of dental experience and their compassion for delivering dentistry to our family of patients. Dentistry can be difficult and to some even scary. Our staff will make you feel comfortable and help to ease some of your anxieties. As part of that comfort, we offer the patient a pillow and digital music to help make the most of the visit. Our staff members tend to stay with our practice for long periods of time. A familiar face or voice on the phone is always more comforting than someone new.

Optimum Treatment Plan

It is the responsibility of Dr. Carrara and Dr. Corsello to provide the very best care for you and your teeth. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not belong to any insurance carrier. What this does is — it keeps the decision making on how best to treat you in the proper hands the hands of the doctors. We will, however, handle your insurance as best as possible to make sure that we get as much of your benefits back to you. At our office we will always discuss treatment options, the cost for the services, which insurance benefits may apply and what payment arrangements can be made. You will always know both the treatment and payment aspects of your care here at our office. These items will always be discussed before any services are provided to you. This way you will be comfortable with the financial aspects of dentistry as well as the actual treatment.

If you are still unsure of who should provide your dental care, please feel free to call us at 973-538-3456. We’ll arrange a visit where you can visit our office, get to meet the staff and ask the doctors any question regarding dental care. We hope to see you and your family soon.

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Each appointment is designed for one-on-one Doctor/Patient time with individual, personalized focus.

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