No Dental Insurance? No Problem…..

We are happy to offer our Loyalty Program to our patients without Dental Insurance. We provide the same high standard of care and quality dental treatment for all of our patients, no exceptions. If you don’t have Dental Insurance, give our office a call for more information.

Below is a brief description of what the plan offers:

Program Benefits Include:

  • Dr. Carrara’s and Dr. Corsello’s 29 years of experience
  • $100 initial yearly savings
  • 10% off additional on other dentals procedures

This Program will provide the following:

  • Two Dental Cleanings per benefit year
  • Two Periodic Exams per benefit year
  • Two Fluoride Rinse Treatments
  • Two Oral Cancer Screenings
  • PLUS
  • 10% OFF addition procedures:
    • Providing a Calendar year Maximum Savings Benefit of $1,000

Your peace of mind and comfort are of the utmost importance to us.

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