Bar Attachment Denture

Bar Attachment DentureBar Attachment Denture implant restorations are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. Bar Attachment Denture implants:

  • Are permanent teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
  • Do not have to be taken out
  • Do not need adhesives
  • Are comfortable because they do not press down on your gums
  • Allow you to experience the hot and cold of your food, as well as the taste
  • Allow you to bite with increased force (up to 70% more), so you can eat all of your favorite foods again
  • Prevent bone deterioration
  • Restore your facial features

The Bar Attachment Denture dental implant technique usually utilizes four implants per arch, whereas traditional implants utilize anywhere from six to eight implants in each arch. The implants of the Bar Attachment Denture procedure are also placed at an angle, which allows for increased contact by using the natural support of your bone. In addition, the Bar Attachment Denture procedure usually requires no bone grafting for most patients, which is common in traditional implant procedures. Therefore, Bar Attachment Denture dental implant restorations save time, money, and discomfort.

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