X-RITE Shadevision System

X-RITE Shadevision System Morristown NJOver the years, when dentists and lab technicians have prepared prosthetic restorations, theyve relied on the subjectivity of the human eye to determine tooth shade and color. Unfortunately, human vision is influenced by a range of factors, including uncontrolled lighting conditions and eye fatigue. As a result of these factors, present shade matching techniques can be inaccurate and inconsistent. Dentists, labs and patients are not always satisfied with prostheses because they inadequately match the surrounding teeth.

X-Rite is the solution. X-Rite is a cordless, hand-held device that uses precision optical measurement technology. This shade matching instrument captures the natural color of a patient’s teeth. Once this information is uploaded into our computer, the software assigns shade values based on the most popular dental shade guides. Laboratories rely on dentists to provide an accurate color assessment for a restoration. With the Shade Vision System, laboratories can expect accurate, objective data with which to create an accurate restoration. This new technology allows our practice to create the most natural-looking esthetic restorations available today.