Avoid a Spooky Smile from Your Halloween Costume

During the month of October, children and adults across the US are anticipating the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. Between the creative outfits and the delicious sweets and treats, there’s a lot to look forward to. Of course, we want you to be careful about enjoying too much candy since it’ll hinder your overall health, including your smile. But there’s more to dental care than just monitoring the amount of sweets you eat.

Start Out the Night Right – With a Clean Smile

While you do want to go easy on the Halloween candy to protect your teeth, it also helps to pay close attention to what you’re putting in your mouth and on your teeth as part of your Halloween costume.  Sometimes, this includes wearing fake or false teeth. Whether you’re looking for fangs to complete your vampire outfit or you need to dress up your teeth with a grill, these additions can help bacteria build-up.

Once you get your new (temporary) smile, make sure it’s properly cleaned and you feel comfortable wearing it in your mouth. If it’s uncomfortable or causing you pain, it could tear up your gums and potentially cause bleeding. If you feel comfortable wearing it, then make sure to brush your teeth before putting on your costume teeth.  Brushing before inserting them will mean the latest bacteria and debris won’t have anywhere to hide and won’t linger while you’re out having fun.

Don’t Wear Your New Smile for Too Long

While you don’t want to downplay your outfit, you also want to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy and unharmed. We highly suggest limiting the amount of time that you wear your fake teeth to reduce the chance of any damage or discomfort.  Remove your plastic teeth when eating or drinking to avoid any difficulty or potential damage.

Be Careful – Not Everything is Safe for Your Smile

Besides plastic teeth, there are other costumes that may require a “mouthpiece.” For instance, if you’re playing the popular Sherlock Holmes, your costume may come with his infamous pipe. But if you’re not entirely sure of how it was made, you may want to either complete a thorough cleaning or avoid the piece altogether. Your oral health is much more vulnerable than you think and on this night of costumes and candies, your teeth could be in danger!

Morristown Dental Associates wants to wish you and your family a very happy Halloween. We hope that our few words here about making Halloween a bit safer for your smile will help you and your family enjoy it even more!  Please call our office to schedule your next visit today at (973) 538-3456.