Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

No Dental Insurance? No Problem…..

We are happy to introduce our new Loyalty Program to provide dental treatment for those patients without Dental Insurance. We provide the same high standard of care and quality dental treatment for all of our patients, no exceptions. If you don’t have Dental Insurance, give our office a call for more information. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Dr. Carrara’s and Dr. Corsello’s 27 years of experience
  • Initial yearly savings of 30%*
  • Additional savings on all other dentals procedures

This Program will provide the following:

  • Two Dental Cleanings per benefit year
  • Two Periodic Exams per benefit year
  • One Set of Bitewing X-rays per benefit year
  • 15% discount on all Basic Restoration Procedures **
  • 10% discount on all Major Restorative Procedures ***

Call Morristown Dental Associates Phone Number 973-538-3456 for Full Program details

The open enrollment begins Nov 1st 2017 and closes May 31st  2018. ^

* 29%-32% savings depending on patient type. Ask about our Membership fees for full details.
** Procedures such as fillings and additional preventative/diagnostic procedures. Discount will be reduced to 10% when paying by credit card.
*** All lab processed procedures, as well as endodontic procedures. Discount will be reduced to 5% when paying by credit card.
^ First cleaning and checkup must be completed by June 30,2018.